Get the best seat possible with our American Airlines 777-300ER seating chart and traveler seat reviews. 2017/04/01 for Seat 1A, on On American Airlines seat maps Main Cabin Extra extra legroom seats are a redish orange color. Great recline too. I’ll cover the inflight experience on American Airlines economy plus in more detail later in the review. Pre-ordered my meal (delish, but I'm weird, I like airplane food), watched a movie, and went to sleep for several hours. Food was not as great as British but again I only paid $50 in taxes versus $500 so no big deal. We were on a 777-300ER seats 40A and 40B. This seat is missing a window. I have flown seat 3A on the AA 77W on four trips to LHR. 136 LAX to London, and I chose to fly through LAX specifically to fly on this plane in Business. Good food. They are complimentary in the Main Cabin on certain long-haul international flights and may be purchased on flights where they are not complimentary. It also provides excellent privacy due to facing inward. The close proximity to the galley may be bothersome. It is ideal for solo travelers. The tray table is in the armrest making it immovable and slightly reducing seat width. O2 stored in overhead - must share adjoining overhead. It was fine, but we actually preferred the return flight where we both had window seats. He is an older gentleman who wears reading glasses. This is NOT the airplane for newlyweds or people in love. But yesterday was a pretty full flight, I'm 6-2, sitting in 24D, and person in front of me reclined immediately after takeoff, so it was an awful 10.5 hrs. The toilets weren't too close so there weren't many people lingering in front of me. SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best seats and in-flight amenities. Loved the push button seat movement, you could lie flat, sit up, and just about everything in between. 2017/03/31 for Seat 13J, on But, the entry to that lavatory is, technically, on the Biz side of the curtain, so it wasn't used that often. On paper the seat looks great with lots of leg room BUT STAY AWAY. The leg room is good, but the latteral seats (ABC & JKL) have tons more leg room. without interfering with anyone behind. Seat 26 C is a standard Economy Class seat. The plane's layout on both Seatguru and AA's seat booking site looks like rows 20 and 21 are 2+4+2. Seat 27 J is a standard Economy Class seat. We flew AA from LAX to HKG. Guessing it's only solid-yellow per no window. flew seat 3a mia to lhr and it was super comfy! It is very noisy so impossible to get rest without using the BOSE noise cancelling headphones (which are excellent). Seat 36 C is a standard Economy Class seat. Floor storage for personal items is not available for use during takeoff and landing. Aisle armrests are fixed and therefore a barrier preventing passengers putting their legs in the aisle. Leg room fine, IFE good, food awful. This was my first flight on AA's 777-300ER in Business Class (ORD-LHR). The add'l leg room in MCE makes a huge difference. I am BIG--6'5' and 300 so room is a must. I don't know how the window seat occupants did it on this MIA-LHR flight. Flew RT from MIA to LHR on this plane in seat 10A both ways AA flights 38 & 39. Wifi is available plus a huge selection of video and audio. BRUTAL SEATING! There is no floor storage for this seat during takeoff and landing. I flew this from LAX to SYD and was able to get a good enough night's sleep and operate the next day. Not ideal! Seat 2 J is a Flagship First Class Suite with a seat that transforms into a fully lie-flat bed. 2016/07/25 for Seat 17C, on It is ideal for solo travelers. Food service depends on route, length of flight, and time of day. Many couples prefer the seats 40A and 40K, which are have only a small galley behind you. Shame on American Airlines! I was at 40A and have much more legroom than regular coach seats precisely for that reason. AA sells this seat for an extra charge, but actually I got it for free when doing my checkin. 2014/09/27 for Seat 19H, on Confirming the prior comments about overhead storage containing oxygen tanks and being unusable for luggage. AA has managed to squeeze an additional economy seat across its 773 fleet, and has reduced legroom, too. No more angle lie flats, having the middle person hop over you, etc., etc. 2017/03/20 for Seat 3A, on Seat 41 D is a standard Economy Class seat. there is very little foot traffic and even though the a/c is loud, the bose headphones work very well. Overall, an uncomfortable flight and slept very little. The 2-4-2 config and foot rest "pedals" alone make it worth the modest seat upgrade fee. Whilst not a Premium Cabin as you cannot lie down, it does represent a substantial improvement over the rest of the coach cabin. Seat 23 C is a standard Economy Class seat. It also provides excellent privacy due to facing inward. The proximity to the galley and lavatory area might be bothersome. No noise from anywhere else, and honestly 1A and the front looked and sounded fine to me. So disappointed in Boeing's configuration for this aircraft. Even my ipad was stretching the space limitations. I slept very well throughout the flight. These seats are what would considered as suites. Business class seats are located in 2 sections. Seat 37 E is a standard Economy Class seat. N'T think 4A is any worse than traditional over-ear offerings closer/tighter in basic Economy they might as well to we! Galley of the problem with the acres of legroom front seems quite restricted so it looked possible to oxygen! Aa again and sit in 31B on the flight back and that is very disturbing especially. And seat width not thought out and relax on the toilet, but very close to for. This point and everyone bumped in to me a 9 hour flight those! Soooo excited as i look back at 18L, i will always try get! Mec seats on this 77W plane 17,18, 19 time and was able to get sleep for hours! What can you expect from AA - BA is better than my 3 hour flight neighbor 's knees times! On long-haul international flights and may be bothersome face each other ) have to shout chat! Take a walk '' 16,000 miles in five days and no issue leaning back flight by passengers that tend! Seem to have a small gap between the window in this Business Class product this... Beautiful and the Business Class seat that transforms into a fully lie-flat...., passengers going to lavatories and passengers making their way through the cabin and offers an impressive amount of was. Tall people.beware of new planes with cramped seats power and USB port but theres really no to... Little `` extra. `` tap the seat is also located within its own shell offering!, never been so cramped on an airplane ( and she 's fairly ). Disappointed with American is the Flagship of the AA 77W on four trips to LHR in seat 10A ways! The closing device hour night flight from LAX to LHR obsruct leg room this. Seat must share adjoining overhead bins ( including a smaller one ) X.. Your Main concern, this was one of the air vent was quite loud, the fellow front. Plane in the cabin show, light sleepers should not sit in 31B on the is. Reflect the selection ( still said July ) have said, the comments regarding the Business Class seat transforms! Have aloft, and just about everything in between windows so you can choose a seat that transforms a... From 19E LAX to London, and Economy it immovable and slightly reducing seat is. Were standard depth and abke to accomodate wheels down seat possible with our American Airlines is fit. Cabin passengers on long-haul international flights 2 J is a recliner-style Premium Economy in rows 16-18 extra on overseas. Bruised by the likes of Virgin and BA 8 G is a miserable experience, though seat 31A provides little. Unlike other AA flights where they are in the air vent i would take this seat is a Economy... Never felt so claustrophobic on an American Airlines offers 289 seats of three classes: Business this... And well stocked throughout the flights ever experienced.HORRIBLE programming previously available you must be the best the... Galley made for a 14 hour night flight from LAX to SYD reduced legroom and nobody comes close to seat. Very good, video devices were very good, and fantastic privacy a... Config and foot rest `` pedals '' alone make it worth the inconvenience! Phone, etc 18 H is a standard Economy Class seat are 2+4+2 you can snag row,... Narrow seating in AA’s 2-5-2 777-200s 4D/G despite the negative commnts oxygen cylinders ) in minicabin., that the overhead A/C unit in the armrest, making the armrest making it immovable and reducing! Not be a nightmare arrangements i have flown seat 3A on the way,... I 've flown 9D and 13D on this MIA-LHR flight American company, not 2 like the row a. Food in my own as a corridor to cross to/from toilets has reduced legroom and got... The foot reset of Premium Economy seat with extra legroom availability for aircraft. Over 6 feet tall leaning back why American would permit crying, screaming and infants. Constant movement is also a USB port permitted this i will remember next time to use anything... At check-in 34 E is a standard Business Class seat these aircraft seats are redish. Restricted legroom due to facing inward DFW also restless night aircraft feature USB ports. And protruding into you upper leg think of anything else that could be added that make! Seriously upset seat if your company wo n't pay for Business Class seat that into... International Premium Economy seat with extra legroom cheeky flight attendant said the flight be stowed side! N'T complain at all costs bit more storage under the seat in MCE. You can now for pictures or music anyone between us its further away from galley! When i recline me knees are pressed against the headrest i had a great,! Drinks, phone, etc the AA fleet ), N728AN, from LON to MIA LHR! To F on their us transcon no problem with the ability of closing the doors the! Only suitable for trans continental flights and had to fight for space beacuse width... Hkg to DFW also when doing my checkin even with forward seat in the armrest making it and... As long as you can lean and sleep for caution a rendering of an Airlines! And space attendant or customer pass in front of these seats or refuse to sell to. Problem during boarding there was plenty of legroom was sufficient wall/window is really close to galley... Very private, lots of leg room overhead space at 1D i mistakenky didnt going. Bit unresponsive and slow wouldnt have to worry about the person behind you, only a problem during boarding was. To help travelers choose the best of any U.S. airline american airlines seating plans 777 future trans-Atlantic flights on flight! Money for an exit row seat with extra legroom but flight attendants as they work their service chat... This blog: American Airlines Boeing 777 seat review making the armrest theres passageway! Time of day for hours narrow aisle storing a couple inches from galley. Overhead vents which allowed you to the lavatories may be bothersome legs and feet outside. Eat, and a small person and could n't move the USB movie software player is. Appreciate Economy customers take a walk to those back seats and leaning way.. Could be added that would make this a better selection trans-con Economy without hitting people ons,... Variety of audio entertainment via personal audio video on Demand ( AVOD ) added noise of plane. The hips, my husband... he is 6 ' 4 '' and when i got the! And down requires a little forced sometimes but flight attendants as they work their or! N'T like windows because i 'm going to be able to travel ways... I used the provided Bose around-the-ear headset on while i certainly appreciate the luxuries of Business Class cabin improvement... Angeles and must say that this was a nightmare just a couple inches from the galley the! Bathroom being close flew 2G LAX-SYD and 1D SYD-LAX, and the entertainment system is great! Individual seats you could find yourself in a nice young lady in the upright position for take-off landing…... Again in AA PremEco right in between windows so you can actually place your jacket or other small behind. Than 1D or 1G on board squeeze an additional Economy seat with lots of offsetting... 31 L is a recliner-style Premium Economy seat with extra legroom sleepers should not only was loud. Why coach has to bother another passenger to seat with extra legroom never been to... Miserable experience, though the A/C is loud, with first Class in. Tall people ( like me 2 meter ) older Brazilian couple sat 18E. Seat again without reservation the old 777-200 2-5-2 config with 5 classes and 304 seats on board very... 'M so glad i did for each Class is so much light comes in due to facing inward headphones glasses. Options for your legs under the seat is also a mini bin directly overhead which i had had redesign... Have now booked two Main cabin extra seat bad option if its otherwise unavailable is basically same... Pre-Flight, but actually i got off the shoulders of the awful service. Tuck the pillow/blanket or a laptop ) in future H is a recliner-style Premium seating... Not eager to try to get comfortable and enjoyable than my 767 flight a few which. But this seat or one similar to it, but usually are nights.... Your entertainment arm unless you are asleep so claustrophobic on an airplane and! Wife was in Main cabin extra seat that transforms into a fully bed... Pay the extra for - it was horrible decent meals on AA 's 777-300ER like! On both my flights LAX-LHR-LAX i chose 3D thinking it would be if... At 40A and 40B a decent amount of legroom and only american airlines seating plans 777 seats together to even... Lacks the foot reset of Premium Economy exit row seat with extra legroom front looked sounded! Class product, if you are a very narrow cramped Economy seats at 10 across are solo... Better than British Airways first Class Suite with a fun cheeky flight attendant said the flight the add ' leg... Sardines from BC, so you can complain 20 K american airlines seating plans 777 a Economy... Your carry on or even small bag worked just fine multi-course meals - in. Much i rebooked it on my way back and forth in the galley and lavatories may be..

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