Gold-plated RCA input jacks ensure quality sound playback. Parasound Products was founded in 1981, in San Francisco, by Richard Schram, whose mission was to provide value for the money to his customers. The results have been clear: Parasound products have won best-in-class awards in the most popular audiophile publications year after year. What are they going to … I tried changing the speaker, the speaker wire, the pre-amplifier/receiver, setting the R-front channel louder, everything points to the culprit being the Parasound 2250 v2 amplifier. Jun 13, 2018 I like what Parasound has to offer....Either a Halo A23 for $1000, or a 2125 at $800. Parasound Halo A23 Stereo Amplifier Review In light of our slow shift toward two channel audio (no, we are not abandoning personal audio), I decided it would be a good idea to start with something basic, like a stereo amplifier. And it boasts 35 amps of peak current per channel for superior resolution of demanding musical peaks. The same technology that wowed us in the new 400w JC5 amp has transformed the A23 so this is clearly the best, new $1500 amp with XLR & RCA inputs. Unusually, this also features a (high pass) crossover that can be switched into circuit. It offers 150-watt-per-channel output at 8 ohms and 225 watts at 4 ohms. The Model 2125 v2 delivers the high-resolution power you need for big entertainment. There’s a dedicated preamp feed too. I had tried the 2125 and was not impressed. • Do not install the Model 2125 v.2 in an unventilated equipment cabinet or compartment. The Parasound … stagnant hot air can build up even in a cabinet with an open front and back. Parasound's NewClassic Model 2250 v2 gives you plenty of power for better than movie house sound quality. I have not heard the P5, but it's gotten great press. Parasound – 2125 125-Watt THX Ultra2 Two-Channel Amplifier Review and specs. The Parasound A23 is a lousy amplifier. Regrets. This A23+ is stout. Comparing to SS amps at 2-2.5x the price. Parasound’s NewClassic Model 2250 v2 gives you plenty of power for better than movie house sound qual. One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. I purchased the Parasound A23 amd with the P3 preamp and the T3 tuner with a pair of Paridigm 60/v2 speakers. Parasound 2125 v2 ( not enough cheaper than the A23 to be worthwhile ) Brands that I checked, but don't seem to have a product that suits: Peachtree, Rega, Marantz, Cambridge, Anthem, NAD ( looked but didn't find... seems like there must be one ), Arcam, PS Audio I've not head the Parasound 2250 v2 but I used to own a Parasound HCA-855a and currently own a Parasound Halo A52 (before the Halo, I was using an XPA-3 Gen 2). I'm so sour than I don't even want to call Parasound anymore. I had the Parasound New Classic 2100 preamp/2125 amp combo for a little while and wish I had never sold it. Is this a good deal? The first amp started making hideous noises within an hour of listening but getting another one from my dealer calling Parasound was not a problem at all. To put great sound into stunning packages, priced magnitudes lower than any competitor. Thanks. The Parasound 2250 V.2 "new classic" -- 275wpc Stereo Power Amp is ON SALE for $999, down from $1395. ALL B-stock items are all professionally inspected by Parasound technicians and, most importantly, ALL B-Stock products contain the exact same FULL Parasound manufacturer’s warranty. The second amp I have never had a problem with. Bought it to flip and almost bailed on that. Parasound 2125v2 150 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier The Parasound 2125v2 is a two-channel THX Ultra2 Certified power amplifier. Parasound's NewClassic Model 2125 power amplifier just received an update. Parasound A23 + P3 vs. NAD C372 Sign in to follow this . I tried one at home once for a couple of days with my Vandersteen 3A speakers and it sounded terrible. $109.00 shipping. It's a wonderful amp with plenty of power to drive lower efficiency speakers. B-Stock gives audiophile enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase Parasound products at a discounted price. Parasound was founded in 1981 by Richard Schram, and the company has been offering audio products under their own name as well as for OEM sales since then. See below for the lowdown on all of the great new features.Parasound's NewClassic Model 2125 has been one of the company's most popular two-channel power amplifier. The X350.5 sounded tighter and more controlled all around, most noticeably in the bass, and to a … So is the Emotiva XPA-2 but just less expensive. Already exceeding expectations. My impressions of the Parasound "sound" compared to the Emotiva sound are similar to yours. I paired it for a while with Parasound's top-of-the-line Halo JC2 preamp and it was a great combination. This amp delivers dynamic sound quality and you can tell the difference at low volumes. Post a comment. Parasound has established close and long-term relationships, some spanning more than three decades, with contract manufacturers in Taiwan, which are responsible for the manufacturing. As a P5 (sold it recently), A21 (will be for sale), 2125 v2 and JC3+ Parasound owner, and one who has owned / heard other Parasound pieces I am partial to the Halo line, more money, but a step up in design, architecture and resultant SQ. Parasound NewClassic Model 2125 - power amplifier | 2125. I compared the Parasound Halo A 23 with the Rotel RB-1582 MkII amplifier ($1599), a sample of which I had on hand. Power, Features, Build, and Affordability Parasound’s New Classic Model 2125 is destined to be the company’s most popular two-channel power amplifier. What the A 21 is is a very fine amplifier at an exceptionally fair price—more lifelike, I think, than much of its more expensive Class D … As Parasound defines it, value begins to decline when additional cost provides only marginal and diminishing returns, and increases when a product is reliably functional over decades. The NewClassic 2125 v.2 is another crystal clear example of why Parasound has a long history of dedication to superlative overall quality and reliability. And the THX Ultra2 certification means that it meets the highest performance standards for convincing reproduction of movie soundtracks. Parasound bills New Classic as delivering “maximum bang for the buck performance and ease of integration for custom installations”. Features: THX Ultra2 certified; 150 watts x 2 into 8 Ω (all channels driven) 225 watts x 2 into 4 Ω or 2 Ω (all channels driven) It will also deliver a huge 400 watts into 8 ohms or 4 ohms in bridged mono mode. $1,489.95. B-Stock items are … specs. The Model 2125 v.2 front panel occupies two rack spaces in a … Info. Trickle-down JC circuit and technology it seems. Putting the $700 Parasound unit against this 350-watt, $10,500 monster is hardly a fair comparison, but the fact that the 2125 wasn't completely embarrassed in this situation says something. I’m not going to kid you: In spite of family resemblances, the Parasound Halo A 21 is not as “good” as either of the two ten-to-twenty-times-moreexpensive Class AB super-amps. A23 was a cut-down design (all derivatives of the JC design) of the A21 with 12 output transistors (so smaller heat sink), 40kuf capacitors and 1kva transformer just like in the Hint. The A21 had the 16 output transistor, 88kuf capacitors and 1.2kva transformer configuration. It's unbelievable!! I think you'll like your choices. It has enough power to drive almost any speaker you can buy for under $10,000. I have it bridged @ 400w and it does the job. Followers 0. Pockets of. John K. Free shipping. Less than one year old. It's been reborn as the NewClassic Model 2125 v.2. Parasound NewClassic 2125 V2 150 Watt 2 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier. 13 watching. The Parasound 275 v.2 retails for $595 and is rated at 90 watts per channel into eight ohms or 150 watts per channel into four or two ohms. Parasound already brings listeners heavenly sound, but its halo now shines more beautifully than ever with its brand new version of the Halo A 23 two-channel power amplifier. Parasound A23 + P3 vs. NAD C372. IMO the Vincent is a much better-sounding amplifier than the Parasound A21. Parasound Stereo Amplifier - $400 (Lynchburg) Like new, Parasound 2125 v2 stereo amplifier. Parasound. Audio. (250wpc into 4 ohms). Parasound A23+ 160 watt per channel amplifier. The Parasound 'NewClassic' 2125 v.2 is available in black only. I think Parasound would be a good fit with Klipsch,...But the 2125 or A23 are solid options. The Parasound 2250 is one quality amp. 2014 (?). but has been updated with a few new features, ca. $725.00. It replaces an old but tough sc-305 JBL center. Александр Ch 2,183 views 3:43 This bridges to a 500 watt monoblock. Parasound calls the Halo Integrated a 2.1 channel amplifier. I’m a tube amp guy, various SS amps and prior tube amps. Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated The A23 is a nice little amp. New Classic is made up of the Model 2100 preamplifier and Model 2125 power amp as reviewed here, plus three other power amps (including the Model 5250 v.2, which is a 250 watt five channel beast). $1,595: $1,595: NEW. After soliciting some advice here and considering various brands and models, I decided on the Parasound A23. The Parasound 2125 is a nice clean and powerfull amplifier that I use to push my Center Channel (Klipsch RC-62II). Complete with all accessories and factory packaging. There are also A/B speaker terminals with individual on/off functions. Bill New Version v.2 Features. NAD 275BEE & PARASOUND 2125 v2. Received the Parasound A23+ 2ch amplifier, Bought it to test and evaluate with some custom speakers to sample different amps. The sound has been superb. Then, while on the subject of Parasound, the A51 5 x 250 watt RMS power amp looks like it could give the Rotel 1095 a good run for its money, so now I'm no closer in deciding what to get or whether I mix the 2 together and get the Rotel RSP-1098 Processor with the Parasound A51 amp or go all out with Parasound and get the C1 (or C2 even!) Both channels are driven, with 150 watts-per-channel into 8 ohms. Parasound’s mission. It will be a perfect match for your speakers. The amp came out around 2008 (?) The Parasound may have a lower noise floor and lean to the warmer side of neutral which some(me also) perceive as more musical. Rack Mounting Your Parasound Model 2125 v.2. It has outputs for a subwoofer and the option to set the crossover frequency. The Rotel costs $604 more than the Parasound and puts out more power: 200Wpc into 8 ohms vs. the A 23’s 125Wpc. атор штиль 550 - Duration: 3:43. Brand New Parasound Halo A23+ 2 Channel Power Amplifier Silver Retail $1,700.00.

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