Was für ein Ziel visieren Sie als Benutzer mit Ihrem Brooks b72 vs b17 an? The B72 is a cool and comfortable seat if your crusing. Like all of our leather saddles, each beautiful B17 Special emerges by hand from our Smethwick, England factory where it has been carefully finished with hand-hammered copper rivets to add life to the saddle by protecting the durable vegetable tanned leather. Weight (g) 490 (C) & 370 (T) 520 (S) & 410 (T) Materials. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue. The B72--the saddle that came with many English three-speeds--offers a somewhat cushier ride than a B17 but not quite as boingy as the B66 or B67. ages ago bikamper says: I don't have them all, but someday, maybe. castelli aero race 4.1 solid short sleeve jersey. Pour les vélos hybrides, de cyclotourisme ou de ville vous offrant une position avec une inclinaison modérée, les selles de largeur «moyenne» sont les plus adéquates étant donné qu’une partie de vos fesses sont déposées sur la selle et que vous avez également besoin d’un certain espace pour permettre à vos jambes de pédaler librement. Bought a Brooks B17 to replace the Pro on my road bike because I heard that a B17 will break in a little quicker than a Pro. Changing Saddle As we pedal the bike and go to various places, it will also put so much pressure on some of the parts particularly those that comes in contact with our body such as on the feet and handle. What about a Flyer? I have one on my city bike and it's awesome. Espanol La selle BROOKS B17 est le modèle le plus utilisé de la mythique marque anglaise, elle est idéale pour les longues distances et le trekking. Several variations are available, including a somewhat wider women's version. My name is Dion Lewis. Trotz der Tatsache, dass diese Bewertungen hin und wieder verfälscht sind, geben die Bewertungen in ihrer Gesamtheit einen guten Überblick! Along the course of this article, we shall be providing you with an in-depth analysis and describing the similarities and differences in-between these distinguished Brooks saddles. Hot Network Questions Gifts ungiven vs. hexproof In the Christmas Pageant scene, what did Buzz do to Kevin? I like the Brooks saddles but not sure which one is better/more comfortable. When I was in high school, I started racing in our local competitions. It is a light weight touring saddle with unique loop springs incorporated within the saddle, one of the first suspension systems patented by J.B. Brooks back at the end of the 1800's.These saddles are meant for an altogether more leisurely type of cycling. When you get a new one, head to the farm supply store and pick up some Udder Budder or Bag Balm (the stuff used to soften cows udders) and slather that on the seat top and bottom. Brooks B17 saddle In fact, you can buy ultralight carbon fiber saddles that weigh less than a quarter of the B17. Choosing an Upright Saddle: Brooks B72 vs Brooks B66 The Brookssaddles most typically fitted on upright bicycles are theB72 and the B66 (the B67 is the same model as the B66, only made for modern seatposts). … I'm not sure if the B17 Narrow is available in green and copper, but its worth a look if the B17 is too wide. Brooks B17 vs C17 (Visited 4,590 times, 3 visits today) Last update on 2021-01-08 at 23:10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. 679/2016 (GDPR). Cyclist of any ilk can appreciate a comfortable saddle as its one of few actual contact points when riding a bicycle. Last edited by Glenny (2014-05-27 10:17am). Not as wide as the B72, but still sprung. They include the Swallow and Swift. I prefer the Team Professional but a B-17 is nice too. $145.00. This is supposed to accommodate a woman's wider pelvic bones. Incidentally, I have a brand new-in-box, never installed Brooks B72 that I’ve been trying to find tbe right bike for. B17 if your butt is going to spend a lot of time on it. This seat b72 came in brooks box. En règle générale, cela impose une selle assez étroite, afin d’éviter les frottements des cuisses sur la-dite selle. Voilà ! 175. There is a news paper in the box, there is a wrench in the box, there is a small sample of leather conditioner in the box, The seat and seat post clamp are in the box. I do have a B17, B17 Special Copper(gorgeous, BTW), a B67, and a Lon Haldeman modified B72. The Brooks B17 is a medium-width saddle which generally works well for sport cyclists. Which saddle is suitable for me? I have one on my city bike and it's awesome. (Auf dem neuen Bild ist übrigens die Brooks Norfolk-Tasche zu sehen, auch sehr zu empfehlen) Read more. As of 1st September 2020, Brooks England S.r.l. Vous avez un vélo agressif (non, il n’a pas la rage). Bought this brand new in 2012 for my fixed gear bike but it never got used. Free shipping. It’s Expensive. À la mort de son cheval en 1878, J.B. Brooks s’achète une bicyclette et se promet de fabriquer une selle bien plus confortable que celle en bois qui équipe son vélo. The C17 saddle still models after the B17 but is instead made of vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton. Les origines de Brooks remontent au 19ème siècle ! B15. Last edited by Glenny (2014-05-27 7:24pm). Those are actually Sugino's copies of Shimano's Biopace rings. Use a thin open-end wrench -- 1/2 inch for the Brooks saddles I've worked on. 8. I've found them comfortable from day one and have them fitted to four of my bikes. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. Reviewed in Germany on April 28, 2019 Mein erster Brooks. Les femmes ont, en général, un bassin plus large que celui des hommes (ce qui est un fait «anatomique» et ne signifie rien d’autre que cela ;), soit dit en passant!). Brooks came with a “registered cutting” with its B17 Model and named it as B17 Imperial or B17 Carved. IMO. I tried a regular B17 and it was too stiff. On a beau mesurer, palper et supposer, le verdict n’est pas toujours à la hauteur des espérances. If you have registered to receive our newsletter or, for any reason, you have provided us with your personal information, this merger will not affect the treatment of your data and your rights under the Reg. Le principe de base est donc : plus votre position est agressive, plus la selle est étroite. The seat is short than the b17 brooks saddle. Les modèles traditionnels en cuir doivent être entretenus (lire notre article : «comment entretenir sa selle Brooks?») et une certaine période de rodage est nécessaire. Brooks … became part of Selle Royal S.p.A. Brooks B17 Standard vs Special...difference in comfort? I tried a regular B17 and it was too stiff. Ce sont des modèles que l’on conseille aux femmes : elles ont un nez de selle un peu plus court et une assise légèrement plus large. En premier lieu, identifiez la largeur théorique de votre selle, en rapport avec la géométrie de votre vélo et donc de votre position. Dans la même optique, la nouvelle collection de selles en caoutchouc naturel vulcanisé, la collection Cambium, se décline en plusieurs modèles et couleurs. I like this B17 too. Depends on how you ride the bike. Brooks B67 Vs B17 Saddle Comparisons. I don't think that I've seen anyone who has recommended a Brooks saddle for touring recommend anything other than a B17. With a width of 209mm, the B72 has a wider rear that is designed to support more weight on the back of the saddle — making it particularly comfortable for upright riding. Arabic à vous de jouer maintenant : choisissez votre selle ici et n’oubliez pas la crème proofide pour toutes vos selles en cuir ! B17. Il ne faut pas s’y méprendre, le fait qu’une selle soit plus large ne garantit pas un niveau plus élevé de confort par rapport à un modèle étroit. How to prevent cycling shorts damage from brooks swallow saddle? We have chosen 4 Brooks saddles (Brooks B17, Team Pro, Swift, and C17) for judging their capabilities as a road bike saddle.All four of them are perfect and unique in their own way to be used for road cycling. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Certains modèles comme la B17 Impériale, offrent une découpe orthopédique dans le but de diminuer la pression périnéale. Brooks Saddles B72 was first featured in the 1935 catalogue. It is a good idea to take a photo before disassembly, as a guide before reassembling. You building a survivor or a carpet pickle? Superb craftsmanship and a vintage yet timeless design set it apart from other touring and commuting saddles. Changer sa selle contre une Brooks B17 est un ravissement aussi bien pour votre postérieur que pour vos yeux. – Brooks B67 Vs B17. Si vous choisissez un modèle trop large pour la position que vous avez, une friction risque de se créer entre vos cuisses et les côtés de la selle. I know this is true for the B17 and Professional, anyway: The "S" model of each is 7mm wider. Happy bidding. Cette selle Brooks B17 Standard participera grandement au plaisir que vous aurez à rouler ! Look like Shimano to me but whatever. The B72 is a cool and comfortable seat if your crusing. This a very nice and rare item! Length (mm) 285. Vous avez un vélo de type européen, avec une position droite. Les selles pré-rodées Brooks (série Aged) et les selles Brooks B17 Imperial peuvent avoir besoin d'être resserrées plus souvent que les autres Selles. Cependant, on peut quand même suivre des jalons qui permettent de limiter les incohérences et de maximiser le confort sur la selle. shipping: + C $1.71 shipping . B17 Short Honey 4.6 out of 5 stars 92. Disable Mobile Having ridden on both, I like each of them very much and cannot say that one is "better" than the other. Une selle est un accessoire si personnel qu’il est toujours possible d’adapter ou de contourner les règles pour accéder au confort «suprême». Brooks … Alle Brooks b72 vs b17 zusammengefasst. The leather is soaked and then shaped in a press, molding the leather into that iconic shape. La B17 existe aussi dans une déclinaison de couleurs variées. Wieder mit Fett behandelt und bin mehr als zufrieden mit dem Brooks B17 Std. Ou communément appelé «de ville». Vie de l'entreprise. Advertiser Disclosure. I only have the B72, although I would also have the B17 Special Copper if I hadn't been waiting 20 long days for it to arrive. Any of you cruiser guys have any suggestions for me? I will check later.... Just picked up a new regular B17 for my OM. Le cuir prend les formes de votre silhouette et devient un objet personnel et confortable uniquement pour son propriétaire. This is very heavy for a bicycle saddle. Par exemple, certains hommes vont préférer les selles de femmes et d’ailleurs il est aussi très fréquent de voir des femmes préférer les modèles masculins. Si ces aspects vous rebutent, soyez sans crainte, Brooks offre des modèles pré-vieillis, qui raccourcissent grandement la période de «cassage» de la selle. 2. I’ve been cycling from my childhood. If you're like me, and spend most of your time actually in the saddle rollin' slow (because we are not 12 years old anymore) and like me learning the true meaning of "through the thick and thin" (thinning up top, thickening down below) I'd suggest the B67. Pros/Cons? Chinese I have a B17 Imperial (with the cut out) on my MTB and like it. However, if you don’t really need a suspension system, i.e. It's wider and the springs certainly help. This is a Special version of the basic Black Brooks B.17, because the lower edge of the side flap is hand-beveled (skived), and the rivets holding the leather to the frame are 13mm wide copper and set by hand with a hammer, rather than small steel and machine-set. Si votre position est agressive comme sur un vélo de route ou de piste, il est souvent recommandé de prendre un modèle assez étroit, car étant inclinées vers l’avant,  vos jambes ont besoin d’espace pour bien se mouvoir et vos ischions sont simplement appuyés sur la selle. Height (mm) 62. I can't comment on your proposed purchase but all of my 1000km+ tours and the shorter ones, have been done with B17 saddles. The plastic seats I like are SDG Ventura Comp, Selle San Marco Integra and every WTB I've tried. $107.17 - $196.46. First introduced in 1898, the B17 has been in production for over 100 years. Buy Now ! Portugese I have a B17 Imperial (with the cut out) on my MTB and like it. Inversement, si vous choisissez un modèle trop étroit, vous n’aurez pas le plein support que votre selle devrait vous offrir. Côté esthétique, différentes couleurs sont disponibles, les traditionnelles sont le brun antique, miel et noir. became part of Selle Royal S.p.A. Brooks B17 saddle tension? These well-known bikes are close brother as the name suggest which is why many of us are confused about which to choose, but in general they are indeed a similar models and unlike the different model like B17 we have been talked before on Brooks B67 Vs B17, both of these saddles are not specifically designed for MTB application and more into road riding or when you are doing a touring … This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. no rips or tears just one minor scuff visible in picture 6(see pics) Chrome is nice, plenty of pics. Keri Caffrey pointed out that it might not be the best choice, since it’s designed more for a road … The B17 costs 4-5x what a standard budget plastic saddle costs. Brooks C17 S Cotton-Rubber Bike Saddle. La B17 existe aussi dans une déclinaison de couleurs variées. Liked that B17 enough that I bought this B17 to replace the squishy saddle on my slightly more upright commuter bike. Product Comparison: Brooks B17 vs Brooks C17. Francais The one in the image below is on a Brooks B72 4-wire saddle. Brooks Saddles B67 Bicycle Saddle (Men's) 4.8 out of 5 stars 538. At £90, the B17 Standard comes with a steel frame and in a gent’s model and a ladies’ model called the B17 S. Like many of its saddles, Brooks offers the B17 in black, brown or honey variants. Product Name. Popular . Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle - Handmade Leather Bike Seat (Steel, Titanium, Copper) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,665.
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