It seems so intermittent with it failing most mornings until about half way through the day. The result is still Hello, world!, as expected.If I use a random binary string as source data (generated using os.urandom(10)) instead of Hello, world!, I still get … You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. This is it waiting for the pinentry that never actually returns. I had the same issue. I had the same issue and I resolved it by running gpg command from a putty session when connected directly as the user running the command. Thanks in advance. Most likely gpg-agent wants to have some kind of config for that user, try to find out what it needs and then try adding that for the user. Of course there are servers like and other different university servers. They all usually sync with and other distro server also do that. till , Jan 4, 2019 #4 In my case, in the same directory /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d I had .asc file just named differently. Once I renamed the .asc file by chaning its extension I was able to add Docker's gpg keys. Re: Centos8 Vagrant - GPG check FAILED. Using --allow-multiple-messages will cause the files to be decrypted, but the warning message persists. pub rsa4096 2015-03-22 [SC] CD66 5CBA 0E2F 88B7 373F 7CB9 9720 3C7B 3ADC A79D uid [ unknown] Plex Inc. sub rsa4096 2015-03-22 [E] After you have verified the fingerprint you forgot to add the key to apt with: gpg --export --armor 51F523511C7028C3 | sudo apt-key add - Read the QGIS documentation.All the instructions are: Strangely, gpg --list-keys did NOT show the expired sub-key!! – Mehdi Sadeghi Nov 19 '17 at 21:16 It turned out to be not an well-transparent and easy task. 3 Likes fixxxer 3 August 2020 12:01 Sorry if I am acting as a noob, I am one. Create Groups of People in Your GPG Configuration File . The link is a reference to the solution. 1.2.6-3 didn't attempt to fix this bug for RHEL 4. Note that if GpgEX/Kleopatra works, you have a fallback solution to just work via files and send them by attachment, so can can still use crypto, but with less comfort. August 2010, v3.0.0-beta1 (last minor changes from 21. For some reason, gpg "sign" command fails if you use "su" to switch the user. When using HKPS, invoking recv-key on GnuPG 2.1.6 fails with a «general error». If the encrypted file was named filename.txt.gpg, the above command will create a decrypted version named filename.txt (with the .gpg extension removed). If the problem is with GpgOL, try the operation with GpgEX or Kleopatra, to exclude Outlook's influence. I try to make a gpg encryption/decryption on my server, for encryption i make this command line : gpg --output test.txt.gpg --encrypt test.txt and then i enter a user ID and my file is created. • gpg --list-secret-keys • gpg --list-keys. I have public key and a passphrase with me. If this is the case, gpg --list-keys will show the correct key, but gpg -d -v will appear to select the correct key and then just hang for a while before giving up. The rest generate the warning message "gpg: WARNING: multiple plaintexts seen" ans well as a line indicating that decryption failed. gpg: key 19802F8B0D70FC30: 6 duplicate signatures removed gpg: key 19802F8B0D70FC30: 6 signatures reordered gpg: key 19802F8B0D70FC30: “Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig)” not changed gpg: Total number processed: 1 gpg: unchanged: 1. Hi Guys, I am trying to do a key refresh sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys I get Could you please tell me how to find what local key cannot be updated? So that failed. Adding -vv prints four more lines, three of them being gpg: Note: signature key ... expired and the last one gpg: skipped: Unusable public key. So this post gives my expirience on this topic, but isn’t limited to Yubikey only and should apply to other OpenPGP cards as well. This is was resolved in 1.2.6-4 upstream and released as part of 1.2.6-5 that was released into 4.3 this week. Thank you. This makes it pretty problematic to use gpgconf --list-options in initialization scripts (whether at a system level or at a user level) if there's a risk of a bad option being present. Tried with gpg2 to see if the output was the same: [user@hostname ~]$ sudo gpg2 --refresh-keys gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. gpg: Total number processed: 0 kbxutil pubring.kbx returns BEGIN-RECORD: 0 Length: 32 Type: Header Version: 1 Flags: 0002 (openpgp) created-at: 1585125637 last-maint: 1600025121 END-RECORD BEGIN-RECORD: 1 Length: 1927 Type: OpenPGP Version: 1 Blob-Flags: 0000 Data-Offset: 126 Data-Length: 1781 Unhashed: 20 Key-Count: 2 Key-Info … Since the certificate spamming attack, there are new servers like but these won't work in this case. Apparently everything boils down to the key being expired. smurphos figured out the gpg keyfile should be written by apt-key to work right with all APT tools. [user@hostname ~]$ sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys gpg: refreshing 135 keys from hkp:// gpg: keyserver refresh failed: Permission denied ==> ERROR: A specified local key could not be updated from a keyserver.
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